About US

As the world’s first Exclusively Elite-Gamer network, GameGods is a platform spawned to connect people who take gaming seriously. Gaming as a culture is much more than just the games we play, and GameGods understands this.

This is why we offer everything you would need as a gamer to start conversations, form alliances, share knowledge, create media, tournaments and communities within GameGods.

Use GameGods to:

  • Connect, interact with & follow other pro gamers.
  • Create & Participate in tournaments, communities and events.
  • Invite your friends and peers to join in on your GameGods experience.
  • Share videos and streams of your own channels or add links to your favourite gaming related content.
  • Organise events, LAN sessions or remote gaming sessions using the built-in and fully customisable tournament features.
  • On the lookout for a gaming cafe or just visited one? Add it to the cafe locator and leave a review.

Every action on GameGods earns you a badge as a reward. Check out the Badges section on your profile page for a full list of actions. Earning at least one of all badges guarantees you 5 invites to do with as you please.

All content shared, uploaded to or created within GameGods will be monitored and moderated to ensure this is a safe space for everyone. Please use the links below to access our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.